u404NotApplicable404 BRAIN SQUID Medium aberration lawful ev Armor Class 15 breastplate Hit Points 71 13d8+13 Speed 30 ft CON 12 -1 DEX STR INT 19 -4 1 12 1 11 +0 Saving Throws Int +7 Wis 6Cha Skills Arcana +7 Deception 6 Insight Pea Persuasion +6 Stealth +4 Senses darkvision 120 ft passive Percetie Languages Deep Speech Undercommon teey Challenge 7 2900 XP Magic Resistance The mind Rayer has advantag throws against spells and other magical efe innate Spellcasting Psionics The mind faers spellcasting ability is Intelligence spell sae innately cast the following spells requiring no com At will detect thoughts levitote 1day each dominate momster plane shih beo ACTIONS Tentacles Melee Weapon Attack 7 to ht ach creature Hit 15 2d10 4 psychic damage il the targs Medium or smaller it is grappled escape DC 1an reed on a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw r be until this grapple ends Extract Brain Melee Weapon Attack +7 to hit one incapacitated humanoid grappled by the mindfo The target taes 55 10d10 piercing damage f is educes the target to 0 hit points the mind faver target by extracting and devouring its brain Mind Blast Rechorge 5-6 The mind flayer magial psychic energy in a 60-foct cone Each creature in the must succeed on a DC 15 ntelligence saving throw 22 4d8+4 psychic damage and be stunned for 1 mine creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each turns ending the effect on itself on a success VARIANT MIND FLAYER ARCANIST A few mind flayers supplement their psionic powew arcane spells However they are regarded as deviant illithid peers and usually shunned A mind fayer arc challenge rating of 8 3900 XP and the followings Spellcasting The mind flayer is a 10th-level spela Its spellcasting ability is Intelligence save DC 15 with spell attacks The mind flaver has the followit spells prepared Cantrips at will blode ward dancing ights mage shocking grasp 1st level 4 slots detect magic disguise se sheu 2nd level 3 slots blur invisibility ray of enfeb 3rd level 3 slots clainvoyance lightning bolt sn 4th level 3 slots confusion hallucinatory teman Fab level 2 eletc telekingsis wall of forE illy- whats? oh squid people Meme

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