U mins Took my 6 day old daughter in to meet our pediatrician yesterday My ped is the only ped in the practice that accepts unvaxxed patients and knows proper intact care so double win for my sons The new NP for the practice came in to see us first *eye roll NP Sooo She didn't have any vaccinations in the hospital? We'll get those set up for you today Me No you won't Thank you NP Oh my God this says none of your children are vaccinated Me That is correct And Dr P supports us in that decision NP Because of what you've read* on the Internet right? *eye roll snark* Me Because it's my decision at her mother to choose what I believe is in her best interest Now please leave and do not come back You are not welcome here and you do not have consent to treat my daughter Comment your favourite vaccines below 👇 mine was my 4-in-one preschool booster I got when I was 3 which protects me against diptheria tetanus whooping cough and polio! Meme

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