U ome words are missing from the text gap 1-8 in the text Write the letter of the ple at the beginning PAINT A MOD A MOeD our walls and can't decide O random English book ideas to help you out a colour? ur that makes people excited so it's perfect for your living room you want guests to enjoy each other's company and fall easily is also a positive colour as it reminds us 3 sunshine tion nergising colour it goes well in kitchens bathrooms and dining is not the main colour in the room because it 4_also cause goes for orange another energetic colour which encourage r The same d which is best 5 for kids' playrooms or exercise rooms ming relaxing colour ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms light enters the room though ugh 6 wise it might come across as a cold Green is actually 7 oms because it combines the the best s of blue with the warmth ncourages restfulness ss Lastly purple darker shades is t reminds us of ivity perfect ooms of bright neutrals ck mods UN ACCEPTABLE CN Banned as usual Meme

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