Uch re Me M a ainst the MR and won e jwst beuse it OPFENDS you what is the wond Comig ? you cawt fof dl jdlu ISTM SALE HERE Um いve MERRY qsy-complains-a-lot dollsahoy nirtonic lordofdarkshadows chocolatesprinklesroyale cannibalcoalition leebradford Flashbacks from The War I’m reblogging this because I just saw someone use the word ‘globalist’ in the comments so it looks like I’m pissing off the right people It isn’t a war on Christmas if you’re still allowed to celebrate it Just remember that your religion isn’t the only one celebrating a holiday I think the war is on saying merry Christmas as there are some people that want to do away with the word including replacing Christmas vacation with holiday break merry Christmas with Happy Holidays and so on there’s even an ad that pops up once in a while on youtube that covers this There is no war dude Christianity is not the only religion with a holiday at this time of the year Christians are not the only people on the us There is no harm in folks taking a step back from this christian hyperfocus litterally 0 harm My Dad living in an intensely Christian area would say Happy Holidays and when people would protest he’d gleefully say “What about New Year?” to point out that even Christians celebrate multiple holidays this time of year We’ve been saying Happy Holidays for decades in France just to cover Christmas and the New Year so as far as I’m concerned this is a complete non-issue Meme

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