uil Verizon 136 PM 100%-+ thecommonchick drunken-rantic T New posts! queenieeegoldstein apparently my boss who is a professor at my school doesn't have a cell phone and his coworkers were upset by this so they bought him a childs toy phone and labeled it David's jitterbug for those of you that don't know jitterbugs are phones made for old people that have like massive buttons and shit so the other day I walked into his office to ask him a question and he pressed a button on it which made it start loudly playing the ABCs and he said excuse me I have to take this and then started singing along to the ABCs while shooing me out of his office queenieeegoldstein DAVIDS JITTERBUG Verizon 137 PM 0 this is the phone he apparently was in the middle of a meeting with the department the other day and got annoyed so he pressed a button said I have to take this and left beka-tiddalik David's co-workers probably This is a valid tactic to embarrass him into buying a mobile phone right? David Bold of you to assume that I get embarrassed 147718 notes Stitch It How I’m trying to be in the future Meme

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