ull Verizon 1326 White Trash FragileWhiteMales Now Trump Tailed to get a wall what a Tucking loser! Not only does this prove that Trump is a worthless negotiator and horrible businessman we knew that but it shows that he's a coward and a low value male And he shut down the government for the longest period in history for what? Absolutely nothing? He's one of the worst presidents in US history an international embarrassment and truly a sign of US's decline due to white male politics Trump's absolutely pathetic failure to get his wall is an absolutely perfect example of how abjectly worthless his conservative white male base is if we're honest Trump voters are some of the least valuable members in all of modern society and generally at fault for turning the US into a shithole These white manlets are incredibly fragile just look at The_donald and it's really no surprise that the white male suicide rate is so high LOL! Reply to the Message Meme

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