ulVerizon LTE 18% 1059 PM T Share Award 123 297 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL acre1984 3h I was wondering if you could describe how the Jon killing Daenerys scene will play out? Does he do it in cold blood? ReplyVote throwaway5873421 1h The tone of it is very tragic It's kind of like she's completely consumed by how much he loves her and he' stabs her when he gets close enough It's obviously traumatizing for him to do because he does love her This is actually the one thing I hope they keep in the books and it wouldn't surprise me if that's where they got it from Obviously the show didn't do a good job of getting to this endpoint in a way that makes sense for the characters so it feels sudden and unearned but l could see the books pulling it off madness and he's saying s loyal to her then he nonamex72 1h Does Jon go to Castle Black or takes the black? Reason for asking is because the Night's Watch is no more Vote acre1984 57m Thank you! He does it to save millions of people rl Add a comment The throwaway account is back answering questions on rfreefolknews He went into detail on JKD Meme

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