Uncle Sam's Misguided Children Posted by Rick Ferran 1 hr Uncle Sam's Misguided Children supports President Donald Trump 110% Write that down put it in your pipe and smoke it We will continue to support our 45th President for the next 8 years You are more than welcome to nick pick what we post and find some flaw just as the pussy liberal commie media do with Trump administration on daily basis You are more than welcome to call us biased because we are and we wear it proudly We are as Constitutional Patriotic Conservative as you can get As a legal Latino immigrant communism survivor and Marine Veteran l give you my word Veterans and American citizens first always Build the wall and secure our borders no damned refugees from a single radical Islamic 3rd world shit hole Liberals are a disease in America and to American values They disguise themselves as Patriots and attack communities like ours who have been at this since before you had diapers We will always be proud of helping Trump win the election and seeing James Mattis become Secretary of Defense Obama didn't do that Trump did You don't like that? You are more than welcome to follow the Bernie Sanders Obama Crooked Hillary or Gary Johnson idiot supporters down the street 110% MAGA Meme

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