UNESCO? March 17 2004 Precise data on where how much and what suffered at the hands of Albanian barbarians Belo Polje - Multiple attacks against the Serbs Cernica - all Serbs expelled 3 Serbs slain Čaglavica - 11 Serbian houses were burnt down 5 Serbs were killed 17 Swedish peacekeepers injured Many Serbs including a boy Jovica Ivić were wounded by Albanians snipers Gnjilane - all Serbs were expelled and evacuated Church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker was set on fire but saved by UN troops Slobodan Perić Physical Education teacher was beaten to death by Albanians They also beat 20 mostly older Serbs 20 houses burned 70 more looted Ðakovica all three churches were destroyed Italian soldiers protected and evacuated five Serbian women the only Serbian residents Grabac - all Serbs evacuated Kosovo Polje - 104 Serbian houses and a hospital were burned Before 1999 some 9000 Serbs lived in the town After 2004 no one left! Both Orthodox Churches St Nicholas and St Catherine were burned In front of Primary school in the town Albanians sprayed 60-yr old Zlatibor Trajković in front of his family and burned to death Kosovska Mitrovica - 2000 Serbs expelled Two Serbs Borivoje Spasojević ans Jana Tučev were killed and Bulgarian soldier Simeon Simeonov was wounded The Church of Saint Sava was set on fire on March 18 the Serbian cemetery was also desecrated Laplje Selo - 1500 Serbs and 150 Gypsies were evacuated Lipljan - shootouts between KFOR and Albanians Nenad Vesić was killed in his own house Serbian Orthodox Church was saved by Czech and Finnish troops 34 Serbian houses were looted and burned Obilić - All Serbian houses burned all Serbs around 1500 expelled Huge Albanian crowd attacked old Serbian citizens who were waiting for a train to come Most of them were seriously injured Orahovac Bela Crkva - was set on fire Peć - Albanian attack was stopped by Italian peacekeepers but after that more Albanians came and managed to burn a lot of Serbian homes KFOR soldiers killed Esat Tahiri Albanian UÇK terrorist during the rampage when he tried to slaughter a Serb Miladin Bačević Church of St John the Baptist - was burned Podujevo - The Church of St Elijah - was destroyed the Serbian cemetery was also desecrated Czech soldiers said that Albians were digging the graves opening the chests and breaking bones of the dead Serbs Priština - Before KFOR came to the city there were 45000 After few years only 900 remained and all of them were expelled during the Pogrom in 2004 Orthodox Church of St Nicholas was set on fire Albanians tried to burn another church - Christ the Savior - but KFOR reacted Prizren - Church of the Virgin of Ljeviška XII century Church of the Holy Savior XIV Cathedral of the Holy Martyr George XIX Monastery of the Holy Archangels XIV 7 monks were evacuated Church of St Nicholas Tutević XIV church of the Holy Sunday XIV church of Saint Pantelejmon XIV church of St Georgije Runović XV and church of St Kozma and Damjan XIV were all burned Before 1999 there were 12000 Serbs in the city After 2004 - 0 Srbica Devič Women's Monastery was destroyed XV century The nuns were evacuated by Danish soldiers the monastery was looted and burned as was already said Svinjare - 4 Serbs were killed 300 Serbs evacuated with the help of KFOR 134 Serbian houses burned No Serbs remains in the town Štimlje - Church of St Michael the Archangel was set on fire Štrpce - 2 Serbs slain a father and his son Dobri Stolić 50 and Borko Stolić 22 Uroševac Church of the Holy King Uroš was burned Vitina - an attack on the Orthodox Church was stopped by American soldiers Serbian priest was injured also all Serbian houses were burned Albanians stoned and fired UNMIK bus that was drove Serbian children to the school Vučitrn Church of St Elijah - was burned 15 Serbian houses were burned but Greek peacekeepers managed to save lives of all Serbs evacuating them Although one older Serbian woman died of a heart attack Another three churches in neighboring villages were destroyed with grenades AND MANY MORE Meme

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