Uniden tsut tow Batt ton mem talk end flash 12 abc tone oper redial channel 900 MHz it was a fucking house phone that i was so stoked to have because it was mine that i kept in my own room and i cannot believe technology has progressed at the speed of FUCKING light to the point where this is a hilarious artifact to have had in like 6th grade and now theres kindergarteners with iphones princess-peridot How did you know if you dialed the right number scotchtapeofficial each button made a different tone so the numbers you dialed a lot became a subconscious melody in your head and if you hit the wrong button by accident it would sound like a wrong note in a song you know by heart teaboot i can't beleive that is a legitimate question in my lifetime Hands up if you remember rotaries โœ‹๐Ÿป Meme

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