So from my understanding the airline overbooked the flight and instead of putting the remaining passengers that couldn't get on the plane.. on to another flight at a different time free of charge... they went around asking for volunteers to give up their seat that they paid for and have already been sitting down waiting for the plane to depart... for someone that's apparently privileged because they work for the airline??!?..... are you out of your fucking mind!... can you imagine though... you've already taken your seat and all of a sudden you get picked out to give up your seat for someone else because the airline overbooked the flight and you end up getting knocked out and dragged off like an animal..... listen I have to sue the airline, the airport police department, the fucking pilot, the air hostess... when I do sue them I want my lawyer to make sure they also give me the same cart of drinks and snacks they were going to wheel out and give to passengers on that day... as well as the toilet seat and the pilots hat as a sign of my victory