unknought A few years ago a roommate abruptly decided to move out to live with heir boyfriend and I ended up spending half a year sharing an apartment with someone I had never met before an Egyptian girl with very limited English She was confused by my appearance and asked me “boy or girl? It took me a while to understand what she was saying but eventually she got the point across and I told her that I was a girl She seemed unsatisfied and I explained that I was transgender Unsurprisingly she didn't know the word We ended communicating by typing our respective sentences into Google Translate Unfortunately whatever the Arabic word for transgender is it wasn't a word she knew either Eventually I ended up typing in l used to bea boy but it made me unhappy so I decided to be a girl She stared at it for a moment then asked You are happy now? said yes and she smiled and looked thoughtful A couple hours later she came up to me and said You and me we are sisters and gave me a hug You say you are girl you are girl awesomacious Wholesome roommate Meme

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