UNKNOwN FACTS 12h 8 Earth half day and half night as seen from space I wonder how cool it would be if someone was in the middle of these halvesuni Respionder night must be thinking this is crazy to do to For those who live right in the middle of that line is it going to be afternoon forever? live right in the division between nightand day?e Imagine being in a place half day and half night Look how crazy it is to the person who lives right in the middle gets out at night and goes to the day h 11 hosCurtir Responder Very cool to live near that division you get bored of the day go to the night I don't see the afternoon part I wonder if there's someone who lives right in the line of the division between night and day Must be insane to live on the border I- Must be nice to stand there between night and day right at the division then you get to decide where you want to bell And how would for those who live on the border ? Meme

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