UNPOPULAR OPINIONJ TIME Look! I MADE IT BETTER POLITICAL View ASIDE AS AN ARTIST I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT IT'S REALM RUDE TO EDIT OTHERS ART WITH OUT THEIR PERMISSION C BUT IT NEED TO BE PC! GO COMMISSION THE APTIST THENI takineko lastsonlost lastsonlost nalintantHere’s my view of the ‘I made it better so it’ll fit my political pov’The thing that’s going on Rude nothing it’s narcissism and douchebaggery on a whole nother levelI take my art deadly serious Growing up I was always the creative kid but I was never a good talker Somewhere along the way I just started drawing and through it I found a voice more clear than the one I was born withShit like this is like trying to put words in my mouth or dictate what I should think and feel and that shit just don’t sit with meNO ONE TELLS ME HOW TO SPEAK MY HEART! @kyojinshin It’s also art theft technically Not even technically it straight up is Same with those stupid “I’m going to trace some existing art but make the subject fat andor POC aren’t I original please write a BuzzFeed article about me” works Meme

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