unpretty just saw someone ask whether batman or spiderman would win in a fight as if batman would see a brightly-colored sassy acrobat and not immediately adopt him unpretty now in fairness peter parker has a history of seeing someone else in a costume and immediately throwing hands only to realize three pages later that there was literally no reason to do that but it's not like misplaced aggression is disqualifying when it comes to suddenly acquiring a batdad thedacanary @batmanisagatewayderug batmanisagatewaydrug Bruce upon realizing that he's getting punched repeatedly by a flippy and talkative spider-child with O brain cells and a strong moral compass immediately begins filling out mental adoption papers ms-demeanor Peter catching the image of an adult dressed vaguely like an animal and standing in the shadows out of the corner of his eye immediately backflips into a roundhouse kick while shouting batter up! cipheramnesia Batman internally Unfortunately I love it indyexploits Bruce This one has super strength and can literally dodge bullets Clark Bruce put him back where he came from Peter Please give me a dollar I am very poor NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BAT DAD Meme

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