UNSIGNED HΥΡE EMINEM Wow it's been a few months since we've profiled creme-de-la-creme MC in need of some nurtur ing from a record company During our ninety day hiatus however our ever-reliable Flavortracker 2000 came across a target that in many ways redefines the term ill He goes by the name of Eminem as in the popular candy After making a buzz in the Detroit area for quite some time he just recently gained the hip-hop nation's atten tion with his impressive showing in events like the Rap Olympics One glimpse of the contents within his Slim Shady demo one can't help but recognize that this rapper of the Caucasian per- suasion's got skills As far as flow he keeps it simple yet extremely effective In Murder Murder he kicks a humorous tale about a bank heist gone wrong Left the keys in the van With a gat in each hand Went up in Eastland Shot a police- man Fuck a peace plan If citizen bystands The shit is my hands Here's your life span For what your life's worth this money is twice than Grab a couple grand and live in Iceland See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan Another guaranteed rewinder is the semi-demented Just The Two Of Us a crazed tale about the actions Eminem takes upon his baby's mother With wifey placed comfortably in the back of his trunk Em drives far and wide explaining to his seed the reasons why daddy had to bury mommy Point blank this ain't your average cat This Motor City kid is a one-of-a-kind talent and he's about to blow past the competition leaving many melted microphones in the dust RIGGS MORALES Each month in this column we profile a talented group or artist who has yet to sign a deal Send top quality demo tapes with a description of the contents a black-and-white photo and contact info to THE SOURCE-Unsigned Hype 215 Park Avenue South11th Floor New York NY 10003 PUT YOUR BEST CUT FIRST fattape SPANISH HARLEM COCOA B's WTONY TOUCH & HURRICANE G MAGNUM CAM'RON UNTERTAINMENT DUCK DOWN A MILLION & ONEpt2 JAY-Z WSAUCE MONEY ROCA-FELLA BEAUTIFUL SKIN GOODIE MOB LAFACE CROSS MY HEART KILLAH PRIEST WDECK & GZA KEEP HUSTLIN WC WE-40 & TOO SHORT NOO TRYBEVIRGIN PAYDAY MONEY POWER & RESPECT THE LOX WLIL' KIM & DMX THE WORST WU-TANG CLAN& ONYX RIDE SDTRK BAD BOY TOMMY BOY 7XL SIR MENELIK WGRAND PUBA &SADAT X RAWKUS EARTHQUAKE E-A-SKI WICE CUBE RELATIVITY ABOVE THE CLOUDS GANG STARR WINSPECTAH DECK BURN MILITIA RED ANT NOO TRYBE SLANG EDITORIAL CAPPADONNA RAZOR SHARP TWINZ 7NIM BIG PUN WFAT JOE LOUD PLAYER WAY MASE WEIGHTBALL& MJG SOLDIER FUNK MIA X WFIEND & MAC RIDE SDTRK ΤΟΜΜY ΒΟΥ BAD BOY 46 MARCH 1998 THE SOURCE Beats& Lyrics Eminem in the March 1998 Unsigned Hype Column in The Source shortly before being signed by Dr Dre Meme

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