UPCOMING EPISODE SPOILERS Ep 103 GOHAN SHOW NO MERCY! SHOWDOWN WITH UNIVERSE 10! Gohan who has now regained his former strength attacks Botamo's belly with a barrage of punches and shoots him out of the stage using a kamehameha wave Then his next opponent Obni glares at him they rush towards each other but a punch from Gohan knocks the rocket pendant off from Obni's neck Ep 104SUPER HIGH SPEED BATTLE BREAKS OUT! GOKU AND HIT'S JOINT BATTLE! 2 Goku and Hit's ultimate tag team formation?! Battle between Dyspo and Hit begins Hit's movements are blocked because of light bullets the battle looks very one-sided for Dyspo Then Goku who was watching this happen transforms and stands before Dyspo and says My body is throbbing exclusives Ep 105 FIERCE BATTLE! MASTER ROSHI'S BURNING SPIRIT! Master Roshi has been training to control his desire But can he overcome the temptations of universe 4's sexy Cavay? EXCLUSIVES 🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ dbz dragonball dbzmemes dragonballsuper cosplay comics goku supersaiyangod onepunchman broly anime manga superman dragonballz vegeta trunks naruto hot supersaiyan beerus gohan superhero androids movie trailer zamasu like4lik bardock saiyan vegito Meme

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