UPCOMING EPISODE SPOILERS FBComDBZexclusives Ep 99SHOW IT OFF! KRILLIN'S RESERVES OF STRENGTH! Universe 7 led by Goku wins against every member of Universe9 which is therefore annihilated People are left speechless but before long the battle resumes Krilin battles universe 10's Jjum l didn't come here to be deadwood I came to represent Uni- verse 71 he shouts as he launches three strengthened Distructo Discs It looks like it's his time to shine but In the midst of the battle Krillin seems distracted by thoughts of Android 18 FBcomD Ep 100 RAMPAGE! THE BERSERKER AWAKENS!! Universe 7s manpower is reduced by one as Krillin is unexpectedly defeated Meanwhile Universe 6's Caulifla and Kale ask Goku to teach them how to become Super Saiyan Blue Seeing Caulifla engrossed in the training to transform into Super Saiyan Kale takes a dislike to Goku and suddenly transforms and mows down one contestant after another ignoring even her friend Caulifla's voice as she rampages around But Universe 11's liren defeats Kale without a word Seeing liren's great strength Goku cannot suppress his desire to fight him Ep 101 THE WARRIORS OF JUSTICE CLOSE IN! PRIDE TROOPERS! Translated by Herms EXCLUSIVES 🚨Spoiler Alert🚨 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ dbz dragonball dbzmemes dragonballsuper cosplay comics goku supersaiyangod onepunchman broly anime manga superman dragonballz vegeta trunks naruto hot supersaiyan beerus gohan superhero androids movie trailer zamasu like4lik bardock saiyan vegito Meme

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