UPDATE 21 SAVAGE S LAWYER SAYS ICE IS TRYING TO UNNECESSARILY PUNISH HIM According to 21 Savage’s lawyer Charles H Kuck ICE is trying to unnecessarily punish 21 and scare him into leaving the United States⁣ -⁣ Kuck stated that 21 Savage never actually tried to hide the fact that he wasn’t a citizen of this country and is indeed living here illegally⁣ -⁣ 21 actually tried to apply for a U-Visa a couple years ago which is still pending at the moment⁣ -⁣ Kuck also slammed ICE for saying 21 Savage has a prior criminal record when he doesn’t The 2014 conviction that was mentioned by ICE was expunged just last year⁣ -⁣ The lawyer added⁣ ⁣ As a minor his family overstayed their work visas and he like almost two million other children was left without legal status through no fault of his own⁣ -⁣ RapTVSTAFF @thatkidcm⁣ 📸 @armenkeleshian⁣ Meme

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