Update on my little baby We decided to name him Ocho! We had to move from my hometown to two hours north to my apartment He was fine in the car but things went downhill when we got here He was refusing food and his paws and ears are ice cold He has pale gums too He threw up this morning so I took him to the vet None were available so a nurse checked his vitals and decided he would be okay until we could come back later during their walk-in hours So we’re going back in about two hours Since we brought him home earlier he was acting more like himself Tying to eat our food and wanting snuggles My only concern is that he’s ice cold on the paws ears and tail I’ve been keeping him wrapped in the grey blanket as much as possible Please send all your prayers positive energy and good vibes this way We could really use it I’m praying Ocho will have a long happy life with us Life hits me hard when it decides to hit so I’m sorry about all the ads recently Normally I try to have a bunch of posts in between but I just don’t have the time right now or the motivation to be honest My rent is outrageous and the ad money is going straight to Ocho Thank you for everyone who has sent me positive and encouraging messages You have no idea how much it helps Thank you so much for supporting me and Ocho Meme

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