Update on ZaReason bex Yesterday View details If you don't want to read stult hene's the important part Free Shipping coupon theough the rest of August freebled18 If you have been wondering why ZaReason has been so quiet over the last year here's the scoop First we transitioned back to the company founders running more of the day-to-day sticking to the original direction the company was going Second we bought our own buiding which is huge cost savings alowing us to give customers better prices and better support It's a beauul downtown bulding where we did a ful gut of the shop making t an inspiring work space we show you the Tux hidden in the foundation soon We stil have the extericr to do so if you look at any satalite imagery of 240 Wes Nepessing St Lapeer M148446 irs a puke green building but our priorities are straight-crisp clean work environment for our crew frst and foremost Build quality is our #1 peloity A few upcoming changes for ZaReason getting back to how we used to do it we will be shipping inteenationally again soon o now we are open to suggestions for new products you might want to see orders@zareasoncom if you have a suggestion we will be getting back to attending conferences seeing you face-to-face soon we are building out support with chat now and other methods of contacting us including gasp actually answering the phone9 6EST If you have any questions as always the team at ZaReason If you wish to unsubscribe the newsletter please visit the following URL httplzareason Thank you for using our shopping syste ZaReason Ine Phone 1-510-868-5000 Reply al Fotward Looks like ZaReason is getting ready to come back to the forefront Meme

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