updated her status On my way to dance practice I stopped at Rite Aid for a magazine I noticed a man standing behind me but I just figured he was looking for something as l was Iwalked up to the cashier and while waiting in line he gets in line behind me I notice he's standing pretty close but I didn't think anything of it Now let me paint a picture I'm in a t-shirt leggings a hoodie and running shoes My hair is dirty and thrown up sloppily in a clip no make-up at all The man behind me is attractive tall in a suit As I am getting ready to leave he says Excuse me can l tell you something without offending you? I'm thinking Oh boy I should have worn a skirt over these leggings or I must have something hanging out of my nose So l say to him Depends on what you say And then he says You smell like seduction Your shirt is funny and I love the glasses You have style smiled and said Thank you Not offended Dumbfounded but not offended Lol Thank-vou Coco Mademoiselle! Tall business man is seduced at the drug store Meme

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