URBAN TRD 3 urbanbirdbud image description a digital drawing of lady justice and medusa against a white background with a square of green in the middle lady justice is a tall woman with dark skin and brown hair in a ponytail she is wearing a light blue chiton a blindfold and holding a greek sword kopis spattered with blood and a set of scales in her hands she is facing off towards the right medusa has light brown skin yellow slitted eyes and leopard snakes for hair she is wearing a green chiton and is sitting on justice’s bent knee turning to face towards the viewer both of them have various scars over their bodies with medusa having a particularly jagged one around her neck one of medusa’s snakes is curled around justice’s neck and is snuggling into her perseus’ severed head is placed upon one of the scales bleeding freely end description holy shit the idea to draw this hit me in the middle of class so my gay ass jotted it down and then obsessed over it for 5 days im really into the idea of medusa surviving perseus and then i remembered lady justice with her blindfold so it just came together and also i mean fuck perseus tbh Meme

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