urbandictionarycom urbandictionarycom URbaN URbaN Type any word Type any word DICTI ONARY DICTIONARY TOP DEFINITION TOP DEFINITION Weab weeb A weeb wi b is a non-Japanese male who A shortened term for Weeaboo watches and is a fan of CGDCT anime has a You watching anime again you weab! waifu a waifu pillow and is obsessed with Japan A weeb is always talking about how cute by UnbreakableGhoulx3 July 10 2016 or kawaii his favourite characters are and claiming one of them to be his waifu He occasionally uses romanized Japanese words 58 instead of English equivalents such as kawaii instead of cute and baka instead of dumb or jerk it has both meanings Some of them also use Japanese honorifics for example when they attach the -chan honorific to the names of 2 Weab people or characters they like or find cute or when they use the -sama honorific to show A hanzo or genji main they respect someone Weebs call non-weebs normies Weebs are harmless They know they're That hanzo is throwing he's such a fucking weab II disliked by many people but they don't give a fuck because they know they're sugoi by Paza-Fucking-mistic April 182018 awesome 4 4 In Twitch weebs will make heavy use of emotes such as VoHiYo KonCha TehePelo PunOko and anv other weeb emote offered bv a subscrintion So are we weebs or weabs? 🤔 Meme

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