USA TODAY Queen Elizabeth Il cancels St Paul's Cathedral appearance due to illness 6 hours ago Global NEWS Queen Elizabeth feeling 'under the weather' cancels public event 7 hours ago 4 CTV News Queen Elizabeth Il 'under the weather cancels appearance 5 hours ago flamestpatrick one-in-lemillion peteseeger one-in-lemillion peteseeger one-in-lemillion postmarxed Alright I’m out of the loop what’d she do wrong that y’all want her dead She herself had no part in that tho What’d she do personally is what I’m asking To quote James Connolly “We will not blame her for the crimes of her ancestors if she relents the royal rights of her ancestors but as long as she claims their rights by virtue of descent then by virtue of descent she must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes” Y’know that’s fair actually Never seen someone actually change their stance on this site RT for good luck Meme

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