v117 BITLIFE BITIZEN Maria Schmidti $417625 Sr Internal Auditor Bank Balance Thave been given a alse of S4 IVIY Salay IS now T7000 Age 42 years My daughter Emilie wants to know why more often we don't go on vacation I am cured of ulcers Age 43 years Oliver and I have been married for 10 years My husband Oliver says that if we ever meet Logic a hall-pass will be issued in our relationship I'm not ok with that I have been diagnosed with diabetes I bought a leopard named Savannah from the exotic pet dealer She cost $21757 changed her name to Wakanda Oliver argued with me because I brought home a leopard I promised him I wouldn't do it again BIrL Community + Age Relationships Job Assets Activities Happiness 50% Health 84% Smarts 97% Looks 45% I won’t do it again Oliver trust me Meme

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