Vasy new Souffle MONTEREY SOUFFLE SALAD Quick- easy- a tuna salad treat the new fast frost way 1 peckege lemen-flevared gelatin Dissolve gelatin in hot water Add cold water lemmon juice Real Mayonnaise and 14 tsp salt Blend well with rotary beater Pour into refrigerator freczing tray Quick chill in freezing unit without changnSonrol isto 20 minutes or until tim about I inch from edge but soft in center Turn misture into bowl and whip with rotary beater until eup eald water 2 toblespoens lemen juice ½ Cup HELLMANNS or BEST FOODS One Fá ean STAR-KIST Chunk Style Tune 4 evp chopped evcumber or celery mold or indivindual cu sieed stufted elives 2 tablespaons chepped pimiento Garnish with salad i reaspeon grated enien Fold in remaining ingredics Pour ito I-quart Chill until firm in refriger- ator eat reezing unit 30 to 60 mievutes Unmold Real Mayonnaise if desired Yield 4 to 6 servings Serve with more Tuna and Meme

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