Vegan for 3 years healthy happy & Didn't Die From A protein Deficiency @chaka bar Still on one meal per day still eating mainly raw plant based wholefoods My body is very healthy it will continue to be the proof for the rest of my life So when they try and chat sh*t about you can't get protein without eating Murdered animals tell them that is a Eurocentric myth perpetuated by meat and dairy corporations for profit and the destruction of the health of the people animals and the planet Plants contain amino acids amino acids build muscle If you need more evidence google vegan body builders boxers power lifters strong men check out @jay_spartanfam @coupe_dc @harlemeubank @alphablack_veganmen @killatrujillo @nickdiaz209 @wrkoutqueenie @veganbodybuilding @dark_universe_09 if you need more evidence go ask a gorilla rhino elephants and basically all of the strongest land animals what they eat In fact do me a favour tag someone who know who eats a wholefoods plant based diet is fit and inspires you chakabars famfoods If you need to read some book check out Nutricide African holistic health by Dr Llaila Olelea Afrika and the Tao of health Sex and longevity by Daniel Reid Meme

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