Velghast S11m This is so true because of Steve Irwin I formed a relationship with the alligator that lives behind my house I never saw it as a very friendly animal until I had watched Steve interact with them in the wild I came to know my prehistoric neighbor and while I never jumped on top of it and try to capture it I did learn its feeding schedule and both of us now enjoy fishing together I have named him Chet even though since DNR has been out and I have figured out it's a female alligator she still has the name Chet she comes up to my kayak expecting me to throw her an extra catfish when I come back from fishing At nine feet long I realized that she is way big enough to finish me off if she really wanted to but it seems like we have a mutual agreement and as of last month I can definitely tell there's some baby gator squawking down in the water which is areat I hope that I can form a relationship with those tiny little prehistoric bastards as well Wholesome Gators Meme

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