Verizon 1021 PNM 398k 300k T Share Award dumplinmuffin5h Eating a burger and fries with your hands I just assumed everyone did this I went to Sweden with my boyfriend and we stopped at a burger joint Small local place When the chef heard We Were American he immediately wanted us to try a speciality burger he made and tell him what we thought about it They were all excited when we picked it up with our hands and we realized everyone else in the place was using a fork and knife Burger was 1110 Reply44k ReGorilla-2h Ihat's kind of adorable tbh EmeraldFlight 2h AMERICANS! BURGER EXPERTS! FINALLY! cheesecake-gnome 1h I lived in Poland for a while and being a big fat American in a small Polish town I made kind of an impact There was a burger cart near the old town that I stopped at occasionally and the owner would freak out every time Ah the American back for my burger I am so happy! It was a little weird 936 Add a comment awesomacious wholesome burger chef excited about americans Meme

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