Verizon 1024 PM 88% t 97 T Share 75 Award 5h I'm going to say this for everyone that thinks that SpaceX is responsible for what's happening in this video You can go research back through history Through out Time back in the past N see there are sum same celestial events throughout History and see the same events So now you telling me that was SpaceX was responsible back then to for the same events we've know for a fact the program has not heen running that long So how can space X be responsible now I don't see how y'all believe any Corporation Anyways second of all they are plugged in with the Illuminati and Freemason order magicians they know how to pull out the greatest Illusions okay if you don't know what are losing is please go Define it goes research to go look it up okay anybody can plan a time to send a rocket up and make something look like something is not but it's up to the beholder to see it for what it truly is okay beauty lies with the beholder okay cuz somebody else can come along and say it's ugly okay the same thing with the illusion okay please wake up Reply Bh I agree Dont really care what other people think about this I know in my heart it is something other than what big corporations are saying Why anyone would believe those filthy liars with how much deception has already been unveiled in the past is beyond me Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what is truly is going on in that video Mayb it is stupid space rocket maybe it's not The truth is Woke Redditor Uses Genius Deduction To Expose SpaceX Meme

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