Verizon 10 27% 1129 PM Back Ratings & Reviews Failing pile of garbage Dec 15 Sarah Alysia Buzzfeed is literally the worst site I have ever had the misfortune of stumbling upon Their articles used to be entertaining and l'll admit that I still love Buzzfeed Unsolved but most of their content has become mind-numbingly stupid over the past few years It's extremely politically-biased and more concerned with championing ~diversity~ than producing readable content I understand that Buzzfeed is primarily an entertainment website but even their humorous articles are so cringy that l feel simultaneously embarrassed for the writers and disgusted that someone is getting paid to write about nasty tweets things white people do or the best sex toys on the market over and over again In addition to getting most of their content from Twitter and Tumblr the writers also seem to copy from each other or at least recycle the same asinine content over and over This site is anti-intellectual garbage and it's only getting worse Today Games Updates Search Apps “exceptional journalism” Meme

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