Verizon 1220 PM T 303k 68k T Share Award BEST COMMENTS SoosiePoosie S 3 5h My Dad went to secondary school with John Lennon and was a couple vears older than him Dad was known for playing the drums and being quite musical and one day John asks him whether he'd like to be the drummer in a band he's forming Dad was keen but my Granny said he needed to prioritise studying and so he didn't joirn The band formed and were called The Quarrymen and I think a guy called Colin was the drummer instead of Dad who l believe was later replaced by Pete Best and then Ringo as they changed to The Silver Beatles and then The Beatles I like to imagine that in an alternative universe my Dad said yes and that was history I don't even mind that l wouldn't have been born if this had been the outcome he really deserved to have had that lifetime Reply 120k wylie99998 1h Mako_Eyes S1h But maybe the universe wanted you more than it wanted your dad in the Beatles MisaRoo 1h Add a comment Reply on an Ask Reddit thread about crazy stories Meme

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