Verizon 828 PM inthe80scom Clothes Food Cereal Picture Gallery Description Hot and spicy jalapino potato chips with a really hard crunch My high school had these in the vending machines circa 88-89 dlas Toys omputer Games Crunch Taters Best Chips EVER Slang 90's Equivalents Child of the 80s Another Child of the 80s RUNCH CRUNCH ATORS TATOR Why You Love thes Links for more info okes Quotes Material Gir Children's Rhymes Reasons B The following are links about Crunch Gators you may find Cinteresting Also check out the Click picture to enlarge other pages Feel Old No links have been submitted Retrebaze for this page yet Submit a link to more information about Crunch Gators ARTICLEes User Stories and Comments The following are comments left about Crunch Gators from site visitors such as yourself They are not spel checked or reviewed for accuracy VIDEOS VHS COVERS GAME BOX ART CEREAL BOX ART READ-ALONGS CLASSIFIEDS PODCASTS FORUM VIRTUAL THEATER POINTS STORE CONTESTS AND MORE RussH May 18 2007- Report this comment DELICIOUS!! They were sorta similar to Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Chips Only a LOT Crunchier And tastier There was another flavor too I think Like Mesquite Hoppin' Jalapeno were more common Jacob January 27 2008 Report this comment The chips were actually called Crunch Taters but used an alligator on the bag Hoppin Jalapeno and Mesquite BBQ were the 2 flavors Missy - February 04 2008 Report this comment I haven't seen those in years until recently I found them in a drug store I love the mesquite chips Jeremy September 20 2008 Report this comment I use to love these chipsI was partial to the mesquite Wish I could find them now misty- September 21 2008 Report this comment I used to love the mesquite bbq ones soooo much that I ate a whole bag when I was like 4 and got really really sick!! I still hear about it til this day I really still couldn't eat them southside September 22 2008 Report this comment i'm locked up in the county and all I can think about is crunch gators kevinmccallister November 07 2008 Report this comment when my parents leave the house i eat these and watch pg-13 movies Dave- December 28 2008 Report this comment kevinmccallister I get it man I get it For those of you Meme

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