Veteran suffering from PTSD RA V CHARITIES R TM Actions & deeds not words! lifepro-tips Build Housing For Homeless Veterans Dear Friend Many of our veterans – who had our backs when it mattered most – are in trouble You see many veterans suffer from PTSD from their time spent in combat As a result they’re left homeless in our streets Let me paint you a picture Roberto is homeless veteran living on the streets of San Francisco California and he’s been diagnosed with PTSD At first glance you may think Roberto’s situation is a rare isolated incident…However you couldn’t be further from the present day reality As you’re reading this right now there are over 40000 homeless veterans in the United States Tragically there are enough homeless veterans to fill several football stadiums over again You can run but you can’t hide from the truth – these veterans desperately need our help That’s why we’ve put together this campaign to build an affordable housing centre for homeless veterans in the Arcata California area The housing centre will provide housing and support that the VA cannot bring to the table httpswwwgofundmecomxzdx5-homeless-veteran-housingrcid=r01-155009702209-f19b35d4513a4e35pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m Meme

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