VHS FROM THE CREATORS O BROUGHT YOU MY BULLETS YOU BROUGHT ME YOUR LOVE THE STORY OF A MAN A WOMAN AND THE CORPSES OF A THOUSAND EVIL MEN HI-FI I'M COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD AND I'LL TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME When his soulmate is murdered in cold blood e man strikes a deal with tha devil in order to bring her back home In exchange for the life of his beloved the devil asks the man to embark on a journey on the path of perdition to reap the souls of a thousand evil men But the devil is deceitful and the man's task might prove to be more horrifying than he could ever imagine A harrowing pseudo-conceptuai horror love story THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE is an incredible independent film grown to ba a cult classic 728 THREE CHEERS OR SWEET REVENGE 18 STARRING GERARD WAY MIKEY WAY- RAY TORO FRANK IERO MATT PELISSIER SCORE 8T MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE PRDDUCEO B HOWARD BENSON DIRCTED BT THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG AND LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over Not to be supplied to any person below that age 18 0 9362-4861 THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE kerosenering found this in my basement Meme

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