vicesandvoids writterings fun fact about american history george washington was apparently so sexy that when he was 17 he went swimming a river and some girl that had a crush on him stole his clothes and watched as he walked around naked looking for them writterings aaron burr the guy who shot alexander hamilton and also the second vice president of the united states tried to start an empire out in texas writterings marquis de lafayette literally had to sneak out of france to come aid america and while some versions of the story claim that he disguised himself as a commoner other versions say he dressed up like a woman writterings literally all the founding fathers had daddy issues specifically alexander hamilton who refused to even befriend george washington initially because he didn't want to grow close to someone who had the potential to become a father like figure to him writterings thomas jeffereson kept a bust of alexander hamilton in his house at monticello for no reason other than the fact that hamilton was his sworn enemy and he felt as though he needed a very expensive bust of is sworn enemy in his house pinkbats9 I love all of this please keep going writterings they didn't let hamilton try this one course of study at king's college because it was so intense that it made one student literally get sick and have to go home for months on end and that student was james madison jorychecho george washington made a rule banning snacks during cabinet meetings because thomas jefferson would always eat mac n cheese which wasn't big in the us at the time and all the other founding fathers thought it was disgusting lafyetttes aaron burr once set himself on fire because he attempted to light a candle by shooting it because he was too tired to get an actual match and his gun was nearbv Source writterings # history 157583 notes Founding Father Facts Meme

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