Victoria J @thecapitalv What a privilege it must be to be able to look past a presidential candidate's racism because it won't ever affect you I've gotten a ton of comments and messages from people telling me to get over it because Trump won and to stop being political and go back to being funny Here's the thing - when you have a person who has been the President for 3 days and has already made life in the United States worse for its citizens by taking away their human rights making it harder to get a mortgage bombarding them with petty lies etc it isn't political It's not about Trump being a Republican It's about Trump being a threat to society And as long as I have the privilege of having a platform where I can raise awareness of that so that people can take action against it I am going to do that So if you feel that it's a burden for you to have an account in your timeline who sometimes addresses real life issues it's time to move on There are plenty of accounts that will stick to pure comedy and memes during times like this but I am not one of them LoveTrumpsHate TalkThirtyToMe Meme

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