video-game-trash-blog moeranda fluffmugger aberrantkenosis systm32 zodiacbaby kozfr kacysimplylove voluptuous-lady-with-freckles pretty-brown-love 50shadesoffoh the-bigredmachine True Hollywood Stories Smh Wow Omg really Are you kidding me ??? Childhood ruined Are you guys serious… U really think … I don’t know what to say lol holy shit i cannot handle how stupid people on this site are THIS is Leo filming the MGM Logo You may note the lack of IV And the lack of an MRI bench And the lack of a fucking modern woman in goddamn jeans with heeled boots Why? BECAUSE THE CURRENT FUCKING MGM ROARING LION LOGO WAS FILMED IN FUCKING 1957 YOU STUPID BASTARDS Bless the last blogger This is tumblr’s thought process Meme

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