VIRGIN 1148 rAskReddit uDavidtungstenfield 4h Prison guards of reddit what it the most extreme thing you ever saw happen in your prison? Discussion Wow this blew didn't expect this much feedback 159k 32k T Share x7 BEST COMMENTS ▼ jaded68 1h This is taking the word extreme to a different level but when I was a prison guard female working in a men's max I worked in the kitchen I tried to be firm fair and consistent and it worked I mean I went home whole every night Somehow a few of the prisoners found out it was my birthday and towards the middle of my shift they had me come around the office and there on the table was a 4 layer industrial size cake with pink frosting I was touched They told me to get my piece before everyone else did and not even 10 minutes later it was gone Reply 48k @傛@ Add a comment awesomacious Once again food brings people together in the unlikeliest of places Meme

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