Virgin Leon Chad Hunk EXTRACTİONPOİNT is a cop basically enemy of peopl Hiis colleagues killed by zombies like a animal His teammates were killed by a giant monster in a honorfull way Sexy gasmask makes him look cool and blocks shitty smell in sewers His heli pilot wants to meet with him personally Gets cucked by asian chick Needs to move slow to not trigger virgin lickers No one holds a conversation with him more than 3 mins because too edgy *Snap* Big ass bag can fit the entire umbrella squad Learns karate only to do some Beta kicks Killed most of the zombies on the waymaking it easy for Virgin Small inventory cant even hold shit Fights for himself Needs to babysit a autistic girl Supports trans rights Appeared in other RE games because everyone loves him Goverment puppet Clapping sounds from his huge balls while sprinting is enough to alarm all the Stacy zombies within 5 Km radius Virgin Leon vs Chad Hunk Meme

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