Virgin United Nations Organization ad Blackwood Multinational Enterprise Thad Armacham Technology Corporation Lad Umbrella Corporation Corporation yW that they create ends up backfiring because of Them greated the Replica forces Paxton Fettel& the Point Man Doesn't doubt killing its Own employees if needed Born out of thesheer willof a sole woman after a leftist revolution in the U K Created Biohazards and shits that they have absolutely no control over Bright white choppers get shot down in minutes of deployment Unable to standa chance against poorly armed Arab militia needs US direct aid the best example of Evil Corporation Longas hellname to ensure dominance UN All of its members are fluent in Spanish PaxtonCan and Will possess some anime slut for his own pleasure So what's the pupose of this Non-enterprise organization? clean the mess the Americans do in the Middle East? Its Volunteers get easily spotted cause of their bright blue helmets Tried to sell bioweapons got bankruptcy in exchange 100% Capitalist Causes earthquakes in Literally Killed a little girl Chernobylbecauseyes and caused her to Fights Virgins both on Earth and Mars turn into a supernatural being It doesn't do anything for the sake of getting profit Completely incapable Clapped Mankind The Point Man with his abilities couldmake himself of containing the shit a sandwich in seconds Their merCs use 90s Tank fleet bigger than Russia's For some reason the organization also advocates for the rights of dish washers looking gas masks Wrecks Afghanistan the Balkans China and Brazil for profit Also lead bu a woman who's probably Italian that they create The volunteers commonly get accused of sexual harassment Lead by the Deus Ex guy Creates mechssynths drones cyborgs and other wonders of technology It has drugs that can makeuoU smarter just like that Fights the US military its only potentialally oh Yeah Influenced the US military to make them get the fuck Out of Fairport Lead by a Woman pure Girl Power Its just the League of Nations but gayer Virgin UN vs Chad Blackwood Corp Meme

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