Virgo 1st Decan August 23 - September 3 If a person is born between these days the planetary ruler is Mercury Persons born in this Decan are sociable and friendly especially when compared to the Virgo natives born under the other Decans These people are also helpful intelligent and sympathetic Those born under this influence are essentially disciplined trustworthy and generous They tend to be orderly and meticulous in certain areas of their life especially the areas they have chosen themselves and are hard workers Getting whatever they want for themselves is never difficult for them They also possess a highly logical mind and give attention to detail and practicality In relationships these people are extremely loyal dependable and faithful besides being caring and considerate for their loved ones Virgo 2nd Decan September 4 September 13 If a person is born between these days the planetary ruler is Saturn The people born in this Decan are blessed with great practicality and stability They also tend to be become wilful and stubborn though Late bloomers these people are naturally programmed to do quite well after the age of 30 This influence also infuses in a person great organisational ability and tact Such is the disciplined nature of these people that they can bring order to any chaotic situation They also possess the tact required of a great manager and that is why they become superb organisers They also can direct others with motivation delegation and assertiveness the true qualities of a good leader Perfectionists to the core these people are often looked up by others unless they tend to get overly critical of others Virgo 3rd Decan September 14 - September 22 If a person is born between these days the planetary ruler is Venus The person born in this Decan will have a softer disposition and would be slightly more versatile than the other Virgo natives This person is conscientious and tends to have a rather refined sense Owing to the high likings though these people may have a discriminatory stance towards myriad things Artistic activities by such a person would bring both profit and pleasure Those born under this influence are of reserved nature and are sensitive souls They are comfortable with the routine and the known and are timid and shy They don't like to share their thoughts and feelings with others until they know people deeply and personally These people are stylish in their choices They love easily but in the process also get hurt easily! They may also be quite critical of others in their views > < React to your decan Meme

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