VOCABULARY INSTRUCTION IN AAC EFFECTIVE ROBUST FOCUSED LANGUAGE EXPLICITINSTRUCTION STIMULATION Say the word in context Give a student-friendly definition Model it on the AAC system Have the AAC learner say it too Use several specific teaching activities to make the meaning clear Use contrast to help learner differentiate the boundaries of a concept IT'S NOT ABOUT WORD LISTS REPEATED XPUREENGAGING PRACTICE REVIEW RETEACH Continue to provide exposure to the new words & elicit them frequently from the AAC user Probe to assess what has been learned Review & reteadh concepts that are still not clear Provide lots of follow up activities to elaborate on the word meaning Give frequent opportunities for the AAC learner to say the new words Repetition with variety is the key WWWPRAACTICALAACORG Worth Repeating Big Ideas in Teaching AAC Vocabulary Follow all our boards at pinterestcomlinguahealth for our latest therapy pins and visit linguahealthcom Meme

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