vodafone IE oo * 18% 0230 714k 188k Share Not a teacher but an evening janitor Part of my area is where the robotics club gathers and works You quys are so amazina I wish you could see what I see A group of kids who are well mixed in ethnicity and gender working hard together I never see signs of drama when I walk by When I look through the windows I can see that you quys are listening to each other and treating each other seriously while also having fun When you quys leave at night your room is my favorite room to clean It's always so clean already andI get to look at your projects and see what all that elbow grease is doing It's so encouraging to know that these Kids are part of our future They stay an average of 2 hours after school every day and you can tell it's not forced They are so enthusiastic that their energy practically shines into the hallway I celebrate every time a new award is added to the trophy cabinet in the hall Reply11k Add a comment Wholesome janitor Meme

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