vrabia i'll see your space australians and raise you space eastern europeans like space australians but comically deadpan 'there was a critical systems failure and now we're dead in space! we need to evacu- chief engineer antonov thumps control panel with fist 'oh we're we're okay someone has either pickled a vegetable or distilled alcohol in a container that was intended for neither in zero gravity there's a little old lady on this crew nobody knows why nobody suspects she's the head of an espionage network either exasperated muttering over comms line during repair eva what's that?' i said this thing has made in usa' written on it and no fucking wonder deliberately heavy accent* exkyooz my language improvised electrical device breaks safety regulations in 72 systems 'what? it woks somebody is talking about The Revolution 'andrei please that was 2723 years ago 'my father fought in it' here's a good one is it possible to introduce communism in the frozen world of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb? confused alien i don't know? 'in principle yes but after the first five year plan they would have to import ice the trabant but now it's a space ship lavvyan THE TRABANT BUT NOW IT'S A SPACE SHIP zellieh nvaders overrun the ship Eastern European crewwoman rolls up sleeves takes rings off* HOLD MY RINGS lavvyan engine ever-so-slightly catches on fire* Eastern European engineer slaps it out with her bare hand cursing and kicking the engine the entire time* incident doesn't even rate a maintenance log entry Source vrabia 1956 notes The space bears dont stand a chance Meme

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