vuittonable fragr Will Smith went to London and dressed up as a Boots sales assistant to promote Jaden's new water brand dimension are we living in what lovecarriemost Brand of water look at our society we need a good old fashioned culling pvstelheart The kid is just doing what he wants to better the world He started a brand of bottled water that's better for the environment and is responsibly sourcing everything from the bottle to the water They've gone as far to work with a specific city and only bottle excess water and pay the city more than its actually worth so their water infrastructure can be improved He's also donat- ing water to Flint until the lead levels are actually at safe levels because the government decided they don't want to anymore If you're gonna try to complain about a celebrity doing something at least be educated on what they're actually doing first Recommended Source vuittonable 50913 notes WATER M Will Smith and his son doing some good Meme

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