waiting4codot antioch lefting-leftaroo-ninja i-am-the-karkat-media-worldwide musicalhell systlin totohoy systlin kittyknowsthings thesylverlining the-macra why are there so many posts about asexuals being immune to sirens people sirens don't lure you in with sex necessarily they sing about whatever it is that you want most they could sing about mothman or cinnamon toast crunch and guess what then your asexual pirate is fucking dead this is the only kind of ace discourse i ever want to see on my dash the only kind ever again good job Do you think the sirens would be grateful that they finally get some variety? Oh my god we can finally just sing about pasta thank the fucking gods I'm not asexual but I'm fairly certain sirens would do a far better job luring me into the depths with a song about pasta rather than sex I mean WHAT THE FUCK STAY AWAY FROM THE ROCKS FUCKER THEY SAID THEY HAVE FETTUCCINE CARBONARA AND HOT GARLIC BREAD OVER THERE HANG ON BITCH This is true Odysseus heard them promising him knowledge of the future So the next time you see artwork like this Remember those sultry naked chicks are saying We'll tell you the winning lotto numbers Them We have unlimited wifi at incredible speeds- Me *diving headfirst into the water* I love this post Them hey man if you jump into the water you'll fucking drown Me i'm all in baby Away with you! I exclaimed swinging an oar toward the unyielding siren Oh but we have anything you could ever want she cooed I shook my head I want for nothing! There is nothing you could offer me! The siren paused for a moment Dank Memes she said The Dankest Memes you co- Her sentence was cut short by my epic cannonball into the water s joebobtheasian Source the-macra #meirl #me_irl 256246 notes Mar 22nd 2017 Nsfw because siren tidys Meme

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