walk in off of child When you on your son jacking to your collection pornography but he has connected your pc to the internet with the VPN switched off so you get really damn pissed off with him and you beat him with your wooden dildo but then he starts crying so you feel a little bad and you let him suck you off and after you nut on his face you hear a knock on the door and it's really weird because it's 2 am so you look through the peephole but it's really dark and you can't see shit so you open the door and a couple FBI agents walk in and they show you a printed copy of your shameful browser history which includes paedophilia and funeral sex gonzo links among other disturbing stuff bu this is al your son's fault and you try to explai to the agents but they refuse to listen to you but fortunately your son releases the hungry sex slaves from the basement and you watch in shock as they pounce on the agents and start eating them alive while your son furiously masturbates in the corner Thanks I hate humanity Meme

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