Walking Dead 8100 98 HBURN 33 SPOTS $10 EACH CLOSED! Pick your spots 38 spots $10 each Teaming up with @terrordefined to bring you this beautiful dual signed copy of The Walking Dead 100 CGC SS 98 signed by both Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard First Appearance of Negan! Please do not send funds until PayPal address is provided Shipping is FREE to the US International pays the difference Snake eyes rolls again 1captin_n💸 2chefwakeandbake💸 3 comicmarvels6💸 4peps47💸 5peps47💸 6 comicmarvels6💸 7gcarvera💸 8gcarvera💸 9 comicmarvels6💸 10geeksandkicks💸 11jaimesuperhero💸 12segsation💸 13tora00874💸 14okaywithlokay💸 15tora00874💸 16geeksandkicks💸 17okaywithlokay💸 18sgt_manface💸 19giftedrage💸 20 comicmarvels6💸 21geeksandkicks💸 22tcgcomicbooks💸 23captin_n💸 24captin_n💸 25hbkatosu💸 26hbkatosu💸 27drugs_of_choice💸 28jaimesuperhero💸 29captin_n💸 30captin_n💸 31comicmarvels6💸 32segsation💸 33toyzkillscomics💸 34peps47💸 35comicmarvels6💸 36peps47💸 37captin_n💸 38geeksandkicks💸 comic comics comicbook comicbooks igcomic igcomics igcomicfamily image imagecomic imagecomics negan firstappreance 1stappearance twd thewalkingdead walkingdead walkingdeadcomics walkingdead100 robertkirkman charlieadlard amc cgc cgccomic raffle raffles comicraffle comicraffles signedcomics Meme

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